Step 2: Video and Interview

Thank you for your interest in the Acton Salado.
You'll be able to complete Step 2 on this page.

  • Take a short quiz
  • Video and Interview Please submit a 1-2 minute unlisted YouTube video. After we review your video, we will contact you to schedule a family interview.

Ignite Studio (4-6 years old): Submit a 1-2 minute video describing why your child is a good fit for Acton Salado.

Discovery (7-11 years old): Create something (anything you want!) out of recycled materials. Submit a 1-2 minute video about what you built and why.

Middle School Studio (12-15): Research a building that inspires you. Recreate the building (however you want!). Submit a 1-2 video about the building and the process while you were creating.

Step 2: Video and Interview