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The latest updates and resources for Acton Salado parents


As an Acton Academy Salado parent, you embark on a unique adventure. Instilling trust and allowing your learner the privilege to find his/her true calling is no easy task.

We are excited to see you learn and grow as you take on the challenge of becoming an Acton Academy Salado Parent.

As you cross the threshold, entering the unknown that is ahead of you, this site can offer some tools and resources that might help.

You can use the Parent Portal to find answers to administrative questions like:

  • When is the next break?
  • How can my child join extra curricular activities?
  • What is the process for drop off and pick up?

More importantly, it will have tools, resources, and challenges to help equip you on your journey of transformation. You'll be able to find things like:

  • What promises did I make in the parent contract?
  • What should I do if I'm anxious and want to intervene?

You will struggle at times, so will your hero. The rewards and growth that you are sure to experience, individually and as a family will be something you cherish for the rest of your life.

We are here to support you on this journey!

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