Are we Afraid?

Recently on Facebook, I posted a Seth Godin Quote " At the heart of the Question " will it work" is " I'm afraid." 

What matters is " Are you brave enough to try?"

I wholeheartedly believe that our learners face this question every single day. Are you brave enough to tackle Khan? Are you brave enough to ask for help? Are you brave enough to admit you failed? Are you brave enough to celebrate you accoomplishments when the person next to you is in despair? 

I observe children day in and day out, TRYING. Trying out new systems, tweaking studio culture to make it cohesive for all, offering hard feedback to their peers... 

The question that comes to me is if if these children up here on College Hill are willing and able to courageously try each and every day to become world changers.. pick themselves up when they fail.. what is the rest of the world waiting for?