Freedom within boundaries.

Recently, one of the most asked questions I have received during parent chats is " so they heroes just get to do whatever they want whenever they want?" Well...yes and no.

At Acton there is a freedom scale. With every new freedom comes a new responsibility. Freedom levels can increase over time, once a hero has proven it to their team. Freedom levels can also be reigned back in. This can start out as freedom to sit wherever you would like and progress to freedom plan and lead exhibitions and group adventures. When children know that they are trusted with responsibilities, generally it is something that isn't taken lightly.  The system of checks and balances in place is governed amongst the peers with very little guide interjection.

As Dr. Montessori said, " Being free to do what we ought to do within limits of responsibility is true freedom." 

I have taken this great visual from Acton Academy Belair as a reference.