Invisible Force?

Recently, I sent the email below to the Upper Levels Studio. I was curious about motivation. From observations - some weeks proved to be hyper focused, working down to the last second and some weeks I was pretty sure they thought this was a weekend hangout instead of a school. No matter the “ vibe” of the day/ week JT challenges and studio expectations were always complete - which baffled me.

While I would like to scold and nag the learners - reminding them they have 8 hours a day in house to complete everything so they don’t have to take it home - there is something magical about the chemistry and bonding that unfolds each day in the studio.

There were no expectations from the email, but I would like to share a few of the responses.

Good Afternoon, Crew!

I am curious to know what makes you work at Acton? Why do you choose to complete your JT and core skills each week?

We don’t have grades, report cards, a teacher looking over your papers/ assignments and micromanaging you.

So what makes you do it? Is it external rewards? Intrinsic? Something else?

Any and all feedback would be helpful!

- The thing that makes me do it is pure pressure and not feeling like garbage when I don’t do my work. I also don’t wanna fail at the game of life.

- For me, it's the instant gratification when I see all my work is completed for the day, and I can finally relax.

- I love that Acton Academy lets you work at your own pace and find your own motivation to finish what you think is most important around your own timeline!