Lesson Learnt, but the Hard Way

Somedays in the studios there are " AH HA" moments that serve as reminders that young people  do great things, if we stand back and let them. 

In this case, it was to stand back and allow failure to take course, hoping he would swim but knew sinking was a possibility. 

As parents, sometimes I think we are so scared of our child failing ( because lets face it, it hurts our hearts), that we " fail" to see the bigger picture and lessons learned from it. 

Sharing a quick blog post from one of the learners at Acton Academy Salado 

Lesson Learnt, but the Hard Way.
Hey. I'm writing this for a blog post thingie.
 I learnt a huge lesson about procrastination a few days ago. So, I was procrastinating about my math and just, generally not doing it. I'm not going to make excuses, as that's silly. I really just did not do it. I thought: it's a whole year! I can do my math tomorrow. Then I just didn't. When I DID do my math, I was doing shortcuts so I would never really learn.
 Now, it's the end of the year and I had a sort of mental breakdown about my math. It sucks. So now I have to do all of my math in a week. The thing is, is that I have to do ALL of it so I can relearn my math, as math is a deteriorating skill. Even though it's normal to hate math, I did an oopsie by avoiding it. 
So here I am now. Reaping my consequences. Even though I wish I did my math when I should have, I'm pretty happy I learnt this the hard way in a setting where procrastination won't lead to poverty or losing your source of income. In short, I'm happy I learnt this in a safe environment with not-the-worst consequences!
What I learnt: procrastination? Bad. Shortcuts? ALSO bad. You have to force yourself to do hard things when you don't want to, cause it builds up the more you don't do it. Now, after all that procrastination and shortcutting, it's harder than it would’ve been. Still learnt a lesson though, right? I hope this lesson stays with me later on….
-Luke Hirschkorn. (the coolest guy)