No FOMO allowed

" We believe in a closely connected family of lifelong learners." Is one of the Acton networks beliefs.

While, to me, this statement should not only speak to the learners in this studio but to families as well.

I do believe the Acton model is for every child. Every. single. child. can thrive encompassed into this philosophy and model of learning.  It is not for every family.

Enrollment season also brings in what I like to call the FOMO fears. What about sports, should my child be with a larger group of peers ?, what about socializing, dances, is my child actually learning anything? "

For children to thrive in at Acton, the parents must be on board in every single aspect - learner driven, failure, the fact that this learning environment is absolutely NOTHING like we ( parents) grew up with, not comparing your child to others, light bulb moments... this list could easily go on. 

In order for for Acton children to thrive, there must be a community for them to thrive in. For the children to know that while they are taking on challenges, and doing hard things - there is an entire community cheering for them along the way.