Weaving it all together

In this session in the middle school studio, the children are studying Rhetoric and connecting with the audience during Writers Workshop. They will give a 1400 word speech to the parents during their exhibition. 

During our launches ( discussions) surrounding rhetoric, I have often wondered if they are connecting with the topic, if it's absorbing ... or if they are counting down the minutes for discussions to end. 

Last week, there was conflict amongst a few children. It escalated enough for the children to call a meeting with me. Right before the meeting, I heard one child tell another, " it's important to gauge the audience and be mindful of your tone so the other person can really hear what you are trying to say." Music to my ears! 

Seeing the skills applied in a real-life situation was so amazing to watch. Their conflict resolution went smoothly. All felt heard and validated. 

As a parent, I know it's so hard to set up back and trust this process. But I am confident if you do,  your child will thank you for it later.